McGard History

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McGard's history begins with L.D. McCauley, Inc., which first began business in Buffalo in 1959, specializing in precision machining for government contracts to NASA and the military. In the early 1960's the owner and then President of L.D. McCauley, Inc., Mr. Lewis D. McCauley, designed and patented a security nut to prevent the theft of automobile rims and tires. The market demand grew, and distribution networks and dealers were established. L.D. McCauley, Inc. dropped out of the government contract marketplace and devoted it's efforts to the manufacture of Wheel Locks. A packaging and marketing facility was required, and in 1964 McGard, Inc. was formed. International patents were obtained in 1966 and McGard's market became international.

Through the late 1960's and early 1970's, product demand continued to grow. In 1977 McGard entered the Original Equipment Manufacturers market with a lock for Cadillac's stainless steel wire wheel covers. Ford Motor Corporation, General Motors, and Chrysler began purchasing Wheel Locks and installing them as options and standard equipment on various models with alloy wheels. In order to service the sharply increasing demand, McGard and L.D. McCauley, Inc. tripled in size. A formal Customer Service Department was established for key registration and replacement.

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In 1980, McGard elected to broaden its' product line. "Special Products Division", known as SPD was formed. SPD searches out new markets and product applications other than automotive and marine. The first market SPD became involved in was the Oil and Gas Industry. Locks to secure oil and gas storage tanks, meters and valuable high pressure valve assemblies known as "Christmas Trees" are sold and serviced out of our offices in Houston and Oklahoma City.

McGard also entered the marine market in the early 1980's. Boat propellers, outboard motors, stern drive units and trailer wheels needed dependable theft protection. Presently these security locks are the most effective marine theft protection available. McGard marine locks and lug nuts are used by more O.E.M.'s than any other manufacturer.

In 1990, McGard moved into its newly constructed modern 185,000 square foot facility located in Orchard Park, New York. Shortly thereafter Durham McCauley took over as President and Peter McCauley as Executive Vice President. The need for more equipment resulted in the plant being further expanded in 2001, adding an additional 40,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Engineering, quality assurance, manufacturing, plating, set production and customer service are all housed in this world-class facility insuring the highest level of quality through every stage of production.


McGard's quality Wheel Locks are recognized by automobile companies and car owners worldwide. McGard GmbH, McGard's European facility located near Stuttgart, Germany, was opened in 1994. 1999 brought McGard into the Asian marketplace with the opening of McGard Japan located in Oomiya City. McGard Locks are sold the world over, not only to all the major car companies, but in the aftermarket as well.

SPD continues to develop new products and markets. Current standard products include locks to secure: manhole covers; fire hydrants; industrial and residential water and gas shut-offs; gas/electric/water meters; fixtures in prisons and cable television junction boxes. We also provide a variety of security solutions for the U.S. Postal Service.

McGard continues to receive awards for high quality from many of our customers. We are recognized in the automotive and mechanical security industry as having the highest quality products available. McGard is proud to be ISO/TS 16949 certified, which encompasses and exceeds the elements of the ISO 9000 and 9001 certifications McGard previously attained.